About International Packaging Co.

Our Story

Since 2009

We are International Packaging, we are dedicated to manufacture and marketing of high-end packaging added value, serving our clients from the conception of their idea or product to your final delivery.

We produce specialized packaging products
in wood, rigid cardboard, folding or cardboard,
printed or paper-lined envelopes.

We handle complete printing processes offset, foil application, embossing and application ultra violet varnish, etc.


What We Do

Our core business is full package manufacturing of RSUBs, also folding carton, wood boxes laminated with printed paper, Shoulder Boxes, cardboard tags, etc.

International Packaging Company, Inc. is a full-service provider of offset printing and finishing in a wide range of substrates.

Capable of working with our clients from product conception to delivery of finished product

Capable of handling Just in Time deliveries (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.) as required by clients in the DR and abroad, managing client’s inventories 

Our Product Design and Development department can work with our client’s R&D department, Marketing department or Advertising/Branding Agency from the conception stages of a new product or updates to existing ones.

Flexible and lean production processes coupled with in-house or in country tooling capabilities allow us to fulfill orders with very low lead times

Capable of producing low volume orders cost effectively

Fully committed to our client’s individual needs and requirements


To be a packaging company with a flexible process management that easily adjusts to the constant changes in the industry and the desire for innovation of our clients.


Design, manufacture and market specialized packaging, using consistent methods, investing the time and planned resources that allow the profitability of the company and the best purchase option for our Clients, supported by the development of our collaborators and respect for the environment.


Integrity: we work in an open, honest and sincere way. Building relationships based on trust in our co-workers, clients and suppliers.

Flexibility: we constantly challenge each other to adapt to new trends, understand our clients’ businesses and help them achieve their goals.

Team Spirit: promoting an environment that encourages innovation, creativity and results through teamwork. Our leaders teach, inspire and promote active participation in the company, along with professional development. We encourage open and effective communication and interaction.

Quality: we are very demanding with ourselves and with our products. Therefore, we work accordingly, constantly optimizing the processes and working methods. The only premise for our success is the success of our clients.

Social Responsibility: commitment to finding solutions to situations, always respecting ethics, people, communities and the environment.